Thursday, June 26, 2008

It can be expressed that Picassos work Guernica is a politically charged masterpiece. The figures are abstracted in such ways that they no longer seem realistic. The entire work takes on a uniform pattern, however there are objects and animals that suggest the emotions of average people in a time when turmoil boiled in the Spanish Civil war. My facts may not be clear about which war was erupting during this time, but his work does speak to an audience that is ready to translate his feelings from what may not have been viewed through a camera lens.
-kurakimoyo [minori]


hokayshenao said...

A package in Brooklyn that I was reluctant to accept. There, it was not about being prejudice, but the fact that I love the concept that my friend Irunaku could date an African American/Hispanic woman and I could date a Japanese woman and have mixed race and mixed identity children. I thought then and still feel now that it would detach my personal tension between media expectations and family traditions. We never went over this as a plan, but I thought it was cool enough to mention. This was a rich observation of our preferrence, and pure it shall remain, because we are free to do so (I do not know the laws of Japan at this time). In regard to my skin pigment and ethnicity, the artwork of a beautiful woman extends across seas.

hokayshenao said...

Adorer gris...
Je pense adorar toi/
Pourquoi quelque chose parle non avoir marie?/
Pourquoi etre en tu penses dans le boite?/
Triste tomber amoureux clair tous les jours/
Je pense avec detruire et tu couvrir/
Tu tournes et fois alle dans valise/
Tu Recherches est-ce tu penses marie/
Qu'est-ce vrai avec moi/
Il y a evident dans moi/

Kotaishi Reeshii sama said...